Toi toi toi

Toi toi toi

–  spitting 3 times over the shoulder to ward off evil; or, the devil’s name, broken.

Your community opera company is mounting a new contemporary work – no more Gilbert & Sullivan for you! Alas, you have just lost your grant funding, and – gah! – the new show is scheduled to open in 6 weeks! The stars are bickering, the librettist is having doubts, and, with the money gone, new sets and costumes are only a dream. Can you make it to opening night with your sanity intact? And what about the reviews?

Sound on recommended. Plays in about 10 minutes.

Best in desktop browser, but it (mostly) works in mobile.

Created with Twine, Sugarcube, HTML5/CSS/JavaScript, Datamuse, and a generous dose of humor.

Credits/thank you to:

  • Music MIDI and mastering by Lili K.
  • Pexels CC0 images from  @cottonbro studios and @reyna
  • Freesound CC0 for applause clip @FunWithSound and LO-FI opera @younoise