A selection of recent poems, backstories, lyrics, and scenes.

Dialogue about croquet in a library – spoken by two acrobats in Acro-biographies, 2017 (recording available in Digital Media)

Robin in flight, poem 2019

reisegaynor, pun intended, character backstory, 2020

background music on a city street, lyrics, 2017

adrift, poem, 2020

hen, poem, 2019

hello, doug, poem, 2020

Think of the children – rpg backstory, 2018

39, once again, lyrics, 2019

A pair of summer birthdays, lyrics, 2018

Living with fences – Scene: Winston and Charles, 2019

Living with fences – Fence work, poem, 2019

Living with fences – Scene: Talk till you block, 2019

Living with fences – Squirrel through-way, monologue(ish), 2019