Unity 3D poetry renderer

I created a proof-of-concept Unity app (v2019.4) that renders snippets of a visual poem as 3D-text, not confined to the GUI 2D interface. In the 3D-environment, keyboard controls enable the user to improvise by displaying or hiding poem snippets, changing camera angles, and styling text, while randomization aspects are applied to ensure a unique performance. I chose a variety of forms for text shape and motion, including custom C# scripts to confine text to a curve, color individual characters, and apply keyframe animation. I wanted to see what I could accomplish with Unity’s built-in text formatting solution, TextMeshPro, as part of an investigation of Unity as a platform for projection and virtual reality in live performance. I sculpted the rotating mask in Blender then applied the animation and texture in Unity.

The two snippets used are from my visual poem, my mask, from my thesis 6-foot pine, a hybrid script. The poem comments on the impact, whether good or bad, of safety masks upon interactions – social or otherwise – between office employees. The poem’s culmination is a questioning by the employee of how their essential truth(s) can be perceived by the world at large, and how they can achieve their ambitions…

 how I see the world
 through bare holes
 am I enough of me
 for the world to know
 the essence of

 how I hope to reach 
 that singularly precious peach